Associate Members

Associate Members

An Associate Member is a body, corporation, unincorporated association, partnership or quasi-governmental entity which provides one of the following services in the ordinary course of its business:

   (a) legal services;
   (b) consulting and/or business advisory services;
   (c) accountancy services;
   (d) trust services;
   (e) asset management services;
   (f) information and/or technology services;
   (g) education and/or professional training; or
   (h) such other services as the Executive Committee may from time to time determine;

Associate Members of PWMA are listed by company name in alphabetical order below:

1. Allen & Overy

2. Amber Hill Capital Limited

3. Clifford Chance

4. CT Risk Solutions Limited

5. KPMG Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited

6. Linklaters


For inquiries about Associate Membership, please email