PWMA Luncheon presents: A World in Flux: ‘Geoeconomics vs Geopolitics’ on 15 November 2018

The United States has moved away from a definition of national interest based on global leadership and a degree of geopolitical magnanimity to one founded more on securing transactional national advantage. China under Xi Jinping is emerging as a great power in the traditional mould, mixing global economic engagement with increasing regional strategic influence. Meanwhile, Europe is continuing to face challenges in the form of rising protectionism, migration and its future relationship with the UK.


The result is a growing geoeconomic competition that may bring to an end the process of deepening globalization, and even push it into reverse. Can others pick up the baton of economic leadership, despite technological disruption and rising populism? Or might geoeconomic competition spill over into geopolitical confrontation?


In the midst of a trade war, US mid-term elections and the fragmentation of the existing global order, Dr Robin Niblett, Director of Chatham House, will share his unique perspective on a world in flux with our members during a luncheon on 15 November 2018.