PWMA Next Generation Committee Presents: Webinar Session on New Way of Working in the COVID-19 Era on 26 June 2020

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed every aspects of the “normal” way of working.  From social distancing to remote working to prohibition of group gatherings, senior management are constantly coming up with different methodologies to continue serving their clients while staying connected with their employees.  With the situation slowly stabilizing in Hong Kong, offices starting to re-open with employees going back in phases and clients meetings cautiously resurfacing, we are pleased to host this webinar on 26 June 2020, and have invited industry experts to share and explore:

- Embracing and identifying new possibilities arising from the global pandemic

- Looking into how different functions (front line, middle office, back office) cope, anticipate, and redesign the new way of working in the post-COVID future

- Building and maintaining sustainability upon all of the implemented changes and enhancements with clients and co-workers