15 Jan 2024 私人財富管理公會委任行政總裁兼董事總經理【AASTOCKS】 15 Jan 2024 Hong Kong's PWMA names ex-Goldman Sachs veteran as CEO - Asian Private Banker 02 Dec 2023 Hong Kong's Middle East Adventure: will there be gold or just headache over cultural obstacles and lack of official support? (South China Morning Post) 02 Dec 2023 Hong Kong’s Middle East Adventure: will there be gold or just headache over cultural obstacles and lack of official support? (EMEA Tribune) 07 Oct 2023 港管財富擁優勢 加碼引資振經濟 (Hong Kong Economic Times) 06 Oct 2023 Hong Kong's Private Wealth Managers Brace for Slower Growth Amidst Global Challenges (Hubbis) 06 Oct 2023 Hong Kong to draw ‘substantial’ capital from new investment-migration scheme, turnover-boosting efforts: Financial Secretary (South China Morning Post) 06 Oct 2023 財管公會:香港續持領先私人財管中心優勢 (The Epoch Times) 06 Oct 2023 陳茂波料新的資本投資者入境計劃將吸引大量資金來港 (Radio Television Hong Kong) 06 Oct 2023 【香港經濟】余偉文:不良貸款比率升但可控 港銀有能力吸收部分信貸損失 (Hong Kong Economic Times) 06 Oct 2023 Hong Kong Wealth Managers’ Gloom Spreads With Drop in Assets (Bloomberg) 06 Oct 2023 【跨境理財通】私人財富管理公會:業界冀理財通個人投資額度循序漸進加碼 (Hong Kong Economic Times) 06 Oct 2023 私人財管對地緣風險關注爆升客戶分散配置 三大引擎利港吸資 (Hong Kong Economic Journal) 14 Sep 2023 港精簡高端投資者銷售有助吸資 私人財管公會:提升客戶體驗增強競爭 (Hong Kong Economic Journal) 16 Aug 2023 Wealth Connect Hindered by ‘Narrow Range of Products’ (Regulation Asia) 12 Aug 2023 China’s fledgling Wealth Connect plan is stunted as the devil in 3 disparate systems stymies Greater Bay Area strategy for banks, brokers, insurers (South China Morning Post) 07 Aug 2023 Regulators unveil "streamlined approach" for wealth investors. Here what that means (Asian Private Banker) 06 Aug 2023 Hong Kong waives some rules for ultra wealthy investors in boost to city’s wealth management hub status (South China Morning Post) 01 Aug 2023 HKMA and SFC Introduce Streamlined Framework for Sophisticated Professional Investors (Hubbis) 28 Jul 2023 私人財富管理公會歡迎對高端專業投資者推措施 (Hong Kong Economic Journal) 28 Jul 2023 PWMA歡迎金管局及證監會就高端專業投資者框架刊發通函 (Oriental Daily) 21 Jul 2023 A brighter spotlight on family offices (China Daily) 19 Jul 2023 Hong Kong Talent War Means New Bank Hires Get 30% Jump in Pay (The Straits Times) 14 Jul 2023 Family office business: Gateway to develop a full-blown financial center (China Daily Hong Kong) 01 Jun 2023 家族辦公室之業界談配套:私人財富管理公會析發展關鍵:家辦業務要突圍 政策人才須到位 (Wen Wei Po) 11 May 2023 可成亞洲樞紐管理慈善捐贈 (Hong Kong Economic Journal) 09 May 2023 China Opening Revives Wealth Pipeline to Hong Kong Finance Hub (Bloomberg Asia) 13 Apr 2023 香港特区政府发表《有关香港发展家族办公室业务的政策宣言》 (Sohu) 31 Mar 2023 Bigger quotas, more products: GBA Wealth Connect next phase by mid-2023 (Asian Private Banker) 24 Mar 2023 私人財富管理公會歡迎政府發展家族辦公室業務政策宣言 (Hong Kong Economic Times) 24 Mar 2023 Hong Kong spells out incentives for wealthy families setting up in city, including easier path to residency via investments (South China Morning Post) 24 Mar 2023 私人財管公會樂見政府投入更大力度建家族辦公室 (Hong Kong Economic Journal) 16 Mar 2023 Hong Kong's wealth managers braced for a bumpy ride (Financial Times PWM) 14 Mar 2023 White Paper Recommends How To Boost Hong Kong's Wealth Industry (Wealth Briefing Asia) 10 Mar 2023 PWMA lobbying for Hong Kong to change cross-border regulations (Citywire Asia) 08 Mar 2023 香港私人財富管理行業推動「2035五大發展戰略」 多項政策旨在建設全球財富管理中心 07 Mar 2023 香港私人財富管理公會推動五大發展戰略,建設全球財富管理中心 (Hong Kong Economic Times) 07 Mar 2023 專家倡港建「五個中心」 加強競爭力 (Wen Wei Po) 07 Mar 2023 Hong Kong’s Private Wealth Management Industry Proposes “Five Development Strategies for 2035” (Hubbis) 06 Mar 2023 Pwma: Hong Kong's fundamentals remain in face of singapore threat 06 Mar 2023 香港私人財富管理行業推動「2035五大發展戰略」 提五大遠景 (Yahoo) 15 Feb 2023 中東國家對港人民幣投資服務有興趣 (Wen Wei Po) 25 Oct 2022 Hong Kong's rich population declined by 3.1% in 2021 (Citywire) 25 Oct 2022 PWMA: Hong Kong’s Private Wealth Management Industry remains positive on growth momentum (hubbis) 25 Oct 2022 PWMA: Hong Kong’s Private Wealth Management Industry remains positive on growth momentum -Asian Wealth Management and Asian Private Banking (hubbis.com) 20 Oct 2022 【財富管理】私人財富管理公會:67%會員機構料港私人財富管理行業AUM未來5年每年6至10%增長 (香港經濟日報) 20 Oct 2022 HONG KONG: AUM Growth Outlook Slips for Wealth Managers (IFC) 26 Sep 2022 Hong Kong Private Banking (HKET) 08 Sep 2022 港明年有望成最大跨境財管中心 (Hong Kong Commercial Daily) 07 Jun 2022 私人財富管理公會指本港過去兩年未有資金外流情況 (TVB News) 16 Mar 2022 数说世界丨香港2018-2020年财富管理资产增长迅猛 (The Paper) 07 Mar 2022 How Hong Kong’s private banks are nurturing female leaders (Asian Private Banker) 10 Jan 2022 15th Asian Financial Forum opens (Business News Asia) 07 Jan 2022 15th Asian Financial Forum (AFF) held entirely online next week (ACN Newswire) 15 Dec 2021 Let's Connect Talent with our Future (HKMA) 13 Dec 2021 毕马威携手私人财富管理公会发布《2021 年香港私人财富管理报告》 (Sohu) 08 Dec 2021 Hong Kong PWM industry still attractive to Chinese clients (International Adviser) 11 Nov 2021 October Regulatory Round-up: Ambiguity remains after GBA WM Connect launch; PWM firms spend most reg sources on suitability compliance; Hong Kong yes tax concessions to boost FO appeal (Asian Private Banker) 19 Oct 2021 香港私人財富管理行業在疫情下仍穩固增長 (Recruit) 07 Oct 2021 Hong Kong considers tax concessions to boost family office appeal (Asian Private Banker) 06 Oct 2021 Hong Kong wealth management business in growth mode (The Asset) 04 Oct 2021 Despite clarifications, most PWM firms deem Professional Investor rules complex: PWM Report 2021 (Asian Private Banker) 04 Oct 2021 私人財富管理公會冀跨境理財通下階段擴大個人額度 (RTHK) 04 Oct 2021 Chinese investment to account for over half of assets under management in five years, survey by Hong Kong industry body finds (SCMP) 04 Oct 2021 私人財富管理公會冀理財通納入更多基金產品 (HKEJ) 04 Oct 2021 畢馬威報告|料未來5年財富管理機構AUM年增6至10% (Sing Tao Daily) 27 Sep 2021 Hong Kong Private Banking 2021 (HKET) 13 Sep 2021 China Launches Wealth Management Connect (Wealth Briefing Asia) 14 Jun 2021 PWMA’s Managing Director on the Tribulations and Transformation of the Hong Kong Private Wealth Management Scene (Hubbis) 08 Jun 2021 理財通個人投資額度100萬人幣 私人財富管理公會冀可加碼 (Ming Pao) 04 Jun 2021 Banks target Asian wealth gold mine (IFR Asia) 05 Feb 2021 More next generation private bankers in Hong Kong and Singapore recruited locally (APB) 20 Jan 2021 Growth tops investors’ mind as the next big thing in private markets (APB) 17 Dec 2020 Nobel Laureate to speak at Asian Financial Forum (Nasdaq) 16 Dec 2020 HSBC Private Banking sets up dedicated IAM desk in Singapore (APB) 04 Dec 2020 Greater Bay investor opportunity grows (AB Magazine) 30 Nov 2020 Hong Kong promotes family offices (Fund Selector Asia) 26 Nov 2020 Hong Kong government keen on helping family offices prosper (APB) 25 Nov 2020 毕马威:2020年香港私人财富管理报告 11 Nov 2020 Hong Kong’s Private Wealth Management Industry Expects AUM to Maintain A 5-10% Growth Rate Despite Challenges (Hubbis) 10 Nov 2020 《私人財管》港去年私管業淨流入6810億元,AUM增至9萬億 (ET Net) 10 Nov 2020 私人財富管理公會:港財管資產規模 料年增5%至10% (Capital Week) 10 Nov 2020 港財管資產規模 料年增5%至10% (HKET) 09 Nov 2020 畢馬威料港私人財管業未來五年管理資產總值複合年均增長率最高10% (Headline Daily) 09 Nov 2020 畢馬威料港私人財管業未來五年管理資產總值複合年均增長率最高10% (Sing Tao Daily) 09 Nov 2020 調查:私人財富AUM料未來5年複合增長5%至10% (Hong Kong Economic Journal) 09 Nov 2020 H.K Private Wealth Industry Seen Growing 5-10% a Year: PWMA (Bloomberg) 09 Nov 2020 Hong Kong PWM industry expects 5-10% annual growth in AUM, zeroes in on serving China wealth: PWMA (APB) 09 Nov 2020 調查:私人財富AUM料未來5年複合增長5%至10% (NOW) 09 Nov 2020 財富管理公會料未來5年管理資產總值年均複合增長5至10% (Ming Pao) 23 Oct 2020 理财通传单边额度1500亿 (TKP) 23 Oct 2020 Wealth link to be capped at US$23b each way (Shenzhen Daily) 23 Oct 2020 Wealth Connect capped at 150b yuan each way (The Standard) 23 Oct 2020 理財通南北向額度各1500億人幣 (HKEJ) 23 Oct 2020 理財通南北向各1500億額度 個人限100萬 待公布時間表等細節 (Ming Pao) 22 Oct 2020 金管局:跨境理財通定1500億人民幣單向額度 (Commercial Radio) 22 Oct 2020 理財通據報設定1500億人幣單向上限 (Now Finance) 22 Oct 2020 中國內地與香港的跨境財富通將設定230億美元的單向規模上限 (Yahoo Finance) 17 Sep 2020 PWMA盧彩雲:多元化資產配置助減風險 (HKEJ) 18 Jul 2020 瑞銀再次榮獲新浪飛亞獎“最佳財富管理團隊”稱號 (Sina HK) 15 Jul 2020 New paper illustrates government's eagerness to promote Hong Kong as a WM hub (APB) 01 Jul 2020 粤港澳大湾区跨境理财启幕 (21st Century Business Herald) 30 Jun 2020 Wealth Connect is a crucial step in realising HK's WM hub potential: PWMA (APB) 12 Jun 2020 Beijing’s proposed security law received mostly positive response from clients of Hong Kong’s banking and wealth sectors, finance chief says (SCMP) 11 Jun 2020 外商重視安全國安立法無損吸引 (Sing Tao Daily) 11 Jun 2020 Hong Kong business sector favours Beijing’s proposed security law (Africa China Economy) 26 May 2020 金管局發函安撫金融業界:國安法無損香港金融貨幣基礎 (Ming Pao) 26 May 2020 Half of Hong Kong PBs still incapable of compliant IM communications (APB) 08 May 2020 HKMA Proposes Mandatory Reference Checking to Stop Rolling Bad Apples (Regulation Asia) 29 Apr 2020 畢馬威中國受邀出席“香港 IPO、併購、私人財富管理實務"專題講座 (Chain News) 29 Apr 2020 亚洲家族办公室出现了这些新趋势 (Jie Mian) 29 Apr 2020 亚洲家族办公室出现了这些新趋势 (Sina) 29 Mar 2020 Greater China Beckons for Private Banks and Wealth Managers Prepared for the Challenges Ahead (Hubbis) 25 Mar 2020 Asian Family Office - Recent Trends and its Non-financial Role (SCMP) 17 Jan 2020 HONG KONG: Monetary Authority Urging Family Offices to Set up in HK (IFC Media) 17 Jan 2020 HKMA advocates stronger PWM industry (APB) 17 Jan 2020 HKMA Urges Family Offices to Set Up in Hong Kong (Regulation Asia) 14 Jan 2020 瑞銀盧彩雲:多數中國家族企業不敢把傳承拿到檯面談 (Sina News) 13 Jan 2020 瑞銀盧彩雲:中國億萬富翁數量全球第二 (Sina News) 13 Jan 2020 私人財富管理公會:大家族擔心「富不過三代」著重財富傳承 (HK01) 08 Jan 2020 SFC rolls out licensing guidance for family offices and PE firms (APB) 11 Nov 2019 理財通大體就緒 待中央擇日啟動 細節尚有小差異 須考慮最好時機 (HKEJ) 11 Nov 2019 理財通大體就緒 待中央擇日啟動 細節尚有小差異 須考慮最好時機 (Yahoo) 08 Nov 2019 瑞銀盧彩雲施德銘:港股審慎樂觀 1450美元買金 (Mingpao) 08 Nov 2019 GBA two-way WM connect scheme still in high level discussions (APB) 09 Oct 2019 PWM industry slashes annual AUM growth projections (APB) 09 Oct 2019 港財管資產5年料僅添半成 (HKEJ) 09 Oct 2019 研究報告:受訪者預測未來五年之年度化管理資產總值增長降到5%至10% (AAStocks) 09 Oct 2019 私人財管公會調查:業界料未來五年管理資產增長只5%至10% (Etnet) 09 Oct 2019 Growth in HK private wealth assets predicted to slow: report (Ignites Asia) 09 Oct 2019 Report: HK’s anxious wealth managers (Fund Selector Asia) 25 Sep 2019 2019 Hong Kong Private Bank Supplement (HKET) 01 Jul 2019 Asia, impact investing to gain as US$15 trillion change hands among world’s wealthiest families over next decade (SCMP) 29 Apr 2019 私銀業冀灣區人才流通 中國人富起來 續增聘客戶經理 (HKEJ) 18 Apr 2019 Helping drive the development of the industry in Hong Kong (Hubbis) 18 Apr 2019 Impressive growth in wealth drives the industry in Hong Kong (Hubbis) 20 Mar 2019 SFC extends deadline for revised suitability rules (APB) 27 Feb 2019 PWMA’s apprenticeship scheme broadens PBs’ access to local talent (APB) 21 Feb 2019 Beijing's Greater Bay Area blueprint greeted with equanimity at Asia's PBs (APB)