CPWP Bridging Program

What is the difference between the CPWP Bridging Programme and the traditional ECF for CPWP Module 1 and 2? How do I apply for CPWP certification?

The CPWP Bridging Programme aims to bridge the gap between the syllabus of traditional CPWP Module 1 (Paper 1) and Module 2 and ECF-RWM by providing a trimmed down version of training with an assessment that avoids content duplication. 

The CPWP Bridging Programme is a cohort-based programme consisting of two training modules plus a post-training examination. The first training module (Module 1: Technical and Product Knowledge) will be delivered by the HKSI Institute in eCourse format while the second training module (Module 2: Ethics and Compliance) will be delivered via face-to-face/Zoom training by the HKIB. Candidates must first complete both training modules before proceeding to the post-training examination.

Upon successful completion of the CPWP Bridging Programme (i.e. completing the training modules and passing the post-training examination),  the candidate will obtain a certificate of completion which will be equivalent to passing the examinations of traditional CPWP Module 1 (Paper 1) and Module 2 Examinations.  The candidates are also required to pass the CPWP Module 1 (Paper 2) Examination to meet the examination requirement of applying for CPWP certification.               

In addition to the examination requirement, the candidates should be currently employed by a PWMA member institution, be a valid holder of CRWP and fulfill the prerequisite work experience requirement in order to be eligible to apply for CPWP certification. The candidates who have not yet fulfilled the work experience requirement can apply for CPWP Associate (CPWPA) certification.