Understanding Family Office on 23 July 2021

What is a family office, why do families set them up and how do they work with private wealth management firms? These and other questions were discussed at a special seminar co-hosted by PWMA and the Family Office Institute on 23 July, in which representatives from several family offices spoke openly about their work. Attending the talk were students enrolled in the Pilot Apprenticeship Programme for Private Wealth Management, graduates from the programme and other bankers. Our thanks to the speakers, including Bernard Pouliot and Michael Nock, both of whom generously donated wines for a lucky draw; Roger King, Adjunct Professor of Finance at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Winnie Qian Peng, Director of the Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies at HKUST; and James Kwong from BF Belmont Ltd. And special thanks to Henry DC Lee and Miranda Cheng from the Family Office Institute for organizing the event!